Hair: Jacqui and Donna, Fish Hairdressing
Make Up: Claire Ray, Frank
Photography: Vikki Grant, Loop Management
Model: Jess, Models1
1: Working with small sections of hair backcomb at the root area to create volume and a good base for the pins to attach to. You will find this easier if you work with hair that is a day old and not freshly washed.

2: Section off the front of the hair and roll it back on itself to create a quiff, using kirby grips pin into place making it as big as you dare.

3: With the remainder of the hair pull random sections from the sides of the head and pin at the back of the head creating a Mohican type shape. Don't worry if it's not 100% neat, this style actually looks good quite messy and dishevelled.

4: To finish and to hold style in place, spray with RockFish. To add texture twist a small amount of PlayFish through the ends of the hair.
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