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How do I download images or logos
Why are images in RGB format?
What format are logos supplied in?
Copyright and trademark information

How do I download images or logos?
To download images or logos, please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Windows - right-click on the appropriate link.
2. Apple Macintosh - click and hold down the mouse button.
3. Choose Save Target As, Save Link As or Download Link to Disk.
4. Choose a location to save the image or logo file, then click Save.

Logo files have been compressed and you will need a free decompression utility such as Stuffit Expander to open them.

Why are images provided in RGB format?
Images provided by us are meant to be as versatile as possible for the end user. When an RGB image is converted to CMYK, several parameters must be taken into consideration, including paper stock, four-colour film output device, layout software programs used, types of inks used, and special effects intended by you, your designer or your repro team. We don't want to make these decisions for you since we'd rather you have the control in deciding exactly how your images are converted to CMYK.

Images are supplied as JPGs (or JPEGs) as this format is robust enough for transmission across the internet and allows them to be viewed on most Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.

For professional publishing we would recommend that you open downloaded images in a professional image editing program, convert them to CMYK and re-save them in EPS or TIF format.

What format are logos supplied in?
Logo files have been compressed in .zip format and in .sit format (Stuffit) and you will need a free decompression utility for Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs to open them. This can be downloaded here.

Logos for professional repro have been supplied in Apple Macintosh EPS format as well as Adobe Illustrator and Press Quality PDF files (which should be usable by both Apple Macs and Windows PCs).

RGB JPG versions for web use only are also included.

Copyright and trademark information
Important: You may not use, or allow anyone else to use any of materials provided to create pornographic, libellous, obscene or defamatory material. All content on provided by us is protected by English and international copyright laws and that copyright is owned or controlled by Knowledge and Merchandising Inc Ltd (KMI). Unless otherwise stated, we reserve all rights in that copyright. No title or intellectual property rights are transferred to you. We reserve the right to refuse applications or cancel access at anytime without notice or explanation. All downloads provided are owned by KMI and must be returned if requested. If requested by KMI you must remove provided downloads from any published or printed materials including digital publishing and websites. TM and ® denote trademarks. All rights reserved. All brands, product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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