Come on girls, be fair to that barnet! Our hair care and styling tips from Fish Hairdressing talk the talk... so you can walk the walk!

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Washing and Conditioning
1. The Reality Hair: care is like skin care. Shampoo is the soap that cleans the hair whilst conditoner smooths down the cuticles making the hair look smooth and shiny.

So come on girls make sure you look after it! Put it like this - hair five years old has endured five summers, fifteen hundred shampoos, endless blow drys, pollution and probably quite a few good parties. Be good to your hair, you've been through a lot together!

2. The Method: When shampooing remember to mainly focus on the scalp and roots as they are much oilier. Concentrate less on the mid-length and ends of your hair as these will cleanse when the shampoo is rinsed from the scalp.

Conditioner should be smoothed through the hair from roots to tips, as this is the same direction as your hair's cuticles.

Tip: For extra shine, add a little real ale (we know you girls drink it) to your rinse water - honest guv!

3. The Solution: The key to keeping hair in tip top condition is to wash it only when it needs it. A good guide is to wash curly hair every third day, wavy hair every second day and straight / fine hair every day.

Oily hair is best shampooed in cool water and not massaged too much as hot water and massage stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands on the scalp, encouraging them to produce more oil!

If you suffer from the old itchy scalp make sure you are using a non-detergent shampoo as not to aggravate the scalp (all Fish shampoos / body washes do not contain detergents).
1. The Reality:
Hair grows on average about 2.5 cm every six weeks. So go for a trim every six to eight weeks unless you're growing ya barnet, then every 10 to 12 weeks will do and just get the ends trimmed.

Oh, and by-the-way, regular trim making your hair grow faster is an old wives' tale!

Hair can be coloured permanently (till it grows out), semi permanently (fades after eight weeks) or high-lighted, which also grows out. All colouring can be as subtle or as wild as one prefers, so come on girls don't be scared.

2. The Method: You're only as good as your last cut ! So make sure you get it done right... Finding a good stylist to cut or colour your locks can be tricky. Most good ones work on recommendation and are usually booked well in advance but it will be worth the wait. Always have a good pre-cut consultation, especially if it's a re-style or new colour. If you're not comfortable with what they are saying then don't do it!

3. The Solution: The solution to keeping ya hair in top nick is to look after it especially if it has been coloured. Sun, sea and salt are the worst offenders. Styling products can help protect and de-frizz or whether you wanna smooth, spike, texture or funk - the Fish range of girls’s products has got the gunk!
Tips Straight From the Shop Floor
If you're looking to keep your hairstyle in shape all day long, try to keep product off the root/base of the hair - just work a small amount of product into the top half of the hair, this will keep your barnet styled all day without the risk of it looking oily and limp.

2: You shouldn't wash your hair everyday (you should give it a rest once in a while), but then again you don't want to look like a grease monkey - try rubbing a small amount of talcum powder into your hair. This will soak up the oil and product build up, and leave you with a natural looking hair-do.

3: If you've got a lot of product build-up and your normal shampoo isn't too effective at removing it, try a technique called 'dry washing'. This is when you massage shampoo (made by Fish of course) into dry hair, leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse (as opposed to putting the shampoo onto wet hair) - much more effective at removing product build up!

4: If your hair tends to lie flat, wash your hair in cool water and don't massage too much when shampooing as hot water and massaging the scalp will stimulate the oil glands to secrete more oil. Then use your favourite Fish styling product.

5: To find out if your shampoo is drying and irritating your scalp, try washing your face in it, after all your face is just an extension of your scalp. Then if this feels dry or tight then you know that you are using the wrong shampoo for you.

6: To get a "messy" look like your fave pop stars use PlayFish Sculpt and Define Wax to add shine and definition to your textured haircut. Tip: Adding PlayFish wax to wet hair with dry hands gives a more shiny wet look.

7: For more advice please read the directions and tips on the individual product pages.

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